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by Nate Perkins

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I decided to release an EP as I'm finishing up tracking my LP (Metanoia) to get away from it before putting the finishing touches on it! It's free! (I have left an option to pay money if you feel like doing that, so do or don't, but I really do need new shoes)


released November 30, 2016

All songs were written, recorded, and performed by Nate Perkins, with the exception of Luna (co-written with Peter Vilardi)



all rights reserved


Nate Perkins Cincinnati, Ohio

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Track Name: My Bare Teeth
She's dangerous like an apple with a razor blade stuck in it
And I'll be picking at the metal with my bare teeth, my bare teeth

I'm pretty sure, I'm unsure (4x)

Now I've walked paths that I never thought I'd crossed before
And I'll be walking very quickly on my bare feet, my bare feet

I'm confident, I'm insecure (4x)

I'm not sure where we stand
We're not quite ocean and we're not dry land
She takes flight away from me
But my feet are firmly planted and I'll wait right here

I don't think she's coming back
Well certainly she's coming back
Track Name: Luna
Lord knows I've started some fires
And you're the ember that never quite died
oh I tried to stamp you out

I buried you beneath smoldering boots
With oxford commas, some other things to,
and all that I could do without

I bought a new pair I'm breaking them in
With heavy nights in dens of sin and squalor
till my feet bled

Closing time broke into a run
I called my father and he said son
Just shut up, and go to bed

Morning, rising, silent, and you're still here
Sunshine, shining, dying, and you're still here

At first I tried to drown you in drink
I'm just drowning myself and starting to sink
Bailing whiskey into the john

My eyes will water but I won't cry
I've got ethanol burning my insides
Won't be sorry, when my liver's gone

So bartender, another round
I'm so god damn low can't get further down
Than the bottom of my glass

I lean and slur at the man next to me
Spitting venom at love and he says please
Just shut up, your time has passed

Moonshine, sirens, violence, and you're still here
Luna, save me, blame me, cause you're still here

And in the drunk tank I saw the light
but the fluorescent bulb was far to bright
and it washed out any lesson learned

I remember you in that orange dress
on the lower east coast, we were at our best
Soon after, there was nothing to burn

I recall the day my high horse died
I was sitting in the kitchen, way too high
When you walked out into the snow

A month passed till you got your stuff
You took most of mine it wasn't enough
for a clean start

Morning, rising, silent and you're still here
Luna, save me, blame me, cause you're still here
Track Name: Eating All The Little Ones
When I was the king
Well all the pawns they stood in rows
And the bishops watched the rooks, the bishops watched the rooks
And all my knights, we were such good friends
But I never had a queen, never had a queen

And I'm sleeping wide awake
Keeping time by the TV and microwave
This feels like a dream
I'm still not asleep?

When I was the sun
Well all the planets they circled me
And I brought them warmth and light, I brought them warmth and light
And every night I had to leave earth dark again
You appreciate what's gone, appreciate what's gone

And I'm sleeping wide awake
Keeping time by the TV and microwave
This feels like a dream
I'm still not asleep?

When I was a big fish,
in a small pond, well I ate all the little ones
And nature didn't care, no nature didn't care
And all my scales were growing very strong
All we want is to survive, all we want is to survive
Track Name: Tarred and Feathered
A caged bird, a soiled song
All tarred and feathered
I'm forever tied
My tie-dyed lover
Who discovered me to be
All bent and broken

It is getting late, and things have lost their shape
but you're my favorite escape, and I don't want to go

A soiled bird, a caged song
All words unmentioned
There's this tension locked
Caught up in my chest
Just let me rest and forget
The hell in my head

I can't wait to sleep, but it's snowing on my feet
and the sheets are choking me, the mirror's talking back

A stolen kiss, a hit and run
All hot and bothered
Let's seek cover alone
And I'd be much better
Tethered to your bedpost
All spent and broken

You're walking on thin air, and I am made of dirt
And we are never scared, and I can never hurt